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Step up and test your anger.
It'll hurt to see you come here.
Expectations cannot ground you.

Pretend there's life within you;
Biting your tongue, cracking your teeth.
Maybe blood will finally warn you.

You think that you are safe
when you can't be seen-- we see you.
You set your sights, we see, you set your sights.

Its great that you're so clever
It must be that I'm so naive.
Help me now, you'll break me later.

There's nothing left to do but walk away.
This is just a game-- so are you who you say?


.Birthday Love.

None of you have to get me anything; just give me a smile and I'll be happy all the while :)

Em, but if you MUST. Here are some idea's:
-Food. bake me a bday cup cake with a lone sparkly candle and sprinkles.
-Vintage trinkets; music boxes, handheld mirrors, perfume bottles, old parisian posters
-Cool winter scarfs. <-- scarf is a weird word...
-Ear muffs or cute beanies with puff balls and ear protectors
-HAND MADES! Picture frames (with pics of us no doubt), scrap books, do-dads, I'd really love anything hand made from anyone:)
-Cute mix cd's :D
-Huge orange and yellow sunflowers
-Old horror movies
-Cute love letters and poems and songs
-Birthday picnic in FOREST FALLS (oh man)
-Birthday adventures in general, I love.

**EDIT** -Im kind of fat and could def eat more than 1 cupcake.


Mourn the Memories Later; Laugh Now Alligator

In a dream I was a werewolf
My Soul was filled with crystal light
Lavendar ribbons of rain sang
Ridding my heart of mortal fright.


Don't say that You'll never know.

Half the time it could seem funny
The other half is kind of sad
This west bound moon, it rises and falls.
Found you and I want you today

Misty Green and Blue:
Love to love to love you.

To be something, to be near you
I don’t know where I’m goin’ to
I’ve tried and I'd like you to stay.


All of my Qualifications

Could not make up for the insecurities I have in my heart.

I wish I could say "what you see is what you get."
You know that isn't the case for either of us.

Is it worth it? We'll find out sooner or later I guess.


We called it love; it was really pity.

And the truth is I was just scared for you,
but for me thats the way that it comes.
You'd gotten used to me and my awful tongue,
but god didn't we have some fun.
We made love in your moms car
And we drove with my hand in your lap.
And when San Diego got too unkind
We just picked up and left it behind.
and we had some love and some hope
a full tank of gas and a wide open road

it was love
to us, it was all that we had
and there's a day when you just break
the best thing you have.
but I still called it love
for now, it's the closest I've come.


First Shower

And I did my best
Not to do the genie move
Failed miserably.


I Just wish.

I wish I had someone who displayed unwavering loyalty.
I wish I didn't feel so damned alone all the time.
Maybe if I were alone, I wouldn't feel alone.
At least I'd have myself, yeah.

I'm just a burden in this world full of selfish, self righteous, self written, self's.
Call yourself what you want.